Friday, September 21, 2012

My House is a Mess.

My beautiful throw pillows are strewn across our living room floor.  Interspersed with race cars, ball-pit balls, random segments of train tracks, and clothing from the clean laundry pile I forgot to put away this morning (woops.).

I don't have a dedicated craft space in our house, so my current projects are taking up half of the kitchen counter and most of the dining room table.  

I never have the time to make our bed.  Sometimes dust collects on the top of our dresser.  And, because my husband doesn't believe in laundry baskets...clothes are always on the floor.

I don't get to shower every day.  Some days I don't have time, other days I don't have the energy. And some days I don't even really get dressed beyond what sweats and tank top I find in the top of my laundry basket.

But I can accept all that.

Because with two toddler boys...every day is an adventure, and I never know which direction it will take us.  But won't you please join me while I find out what today brings us?

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