Friday, January 25, 2013

A is for Alphabet - Physical Flash Carding

We are enjoying our week with the letter A!

Today, we played with flash cards in a rather…unorthodox manner; this is one of our favorite applications for oversized flash cards.  

We call it Physical Flash Carding.  We build a huge circle with the flash cards, stick O in the middle, and ask him to find us certain letters.  He's become quite good at finding the letters we ask of him rather quickly!  

"Is this the right letter?!"

"It is! It is! I found the letter C!"

It's a great activity for letter recognition - separating one letter from the rest - and it allows our wild, rambunctious little boy to exert some energy at the same time!  It usually begins with some serious letter seekingand dissolves in to running as fast as one can around the inside of the circle for twenty minutes.  See:

We'll be doing this activity more this week (and in the coming 25 weeks) than we have previously done, because its such good practice with letter recognition, and provides a great re-cap over the entire alphabet.

I'd definitely promote this activity to you with your little ones, as it is a lot of fun to watch them develop their letter recognition skills while still getting to do something physically exerting.  

Happy Physical Flash Carding!

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