Sunday, January 20, 2013

A is for Alphabet

This week marks the beginning of our 26 Week Toddler Alphabet Series!

We're starting out with "A is for Alphabet."  This seems like an obvious place to begin: this week we can focus on recognizing and tracing the letter A, but we can also recap the entire alphabet, and re-introduce each of the letters individually.

While we re-cap the entire alphabet, we'll also saturate our space with the letter A.  I've drawn a big "A" on our easel in the living room:
Caught O at the perfect moment!

And, in this weeks "alphabasket," we have the following activities:

A handful of alphabet books (I could have filled the basket with our books about the alphabet, but I didn't want the whole week to be book based...I wanted to make sure we have more "hands on" activities, too.)
We really enjoy:

Two sets of over-sized flash cards that my older son LOVES going through.

A set of tactile alphabet cards that are great for tracing with little fingers!

In junction with the various activities in the basket, we'll also be doing several arts and crafts - like creating the alphabet in play dough, tracing and coloring in oversized card board letters (this week, just the letter A).  We will also be creating our own alphabet tracing book using Target dollar section blank books!

I hope to be able to post our activities as we go, but, if it gets busy, I will definitely put together a post at the end of the week synopsizing how our time with the letter A!

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