Thursday, January 31, 2013

B is for Books - Some of my Son's Favorites!

I wanted to share a few of my son's favorite books with you all! There's an underlying theme in all of them, which I find quite funny - he apparently likes books about things on people's heads

His absolute favorite book right now is "There is a Bird on Your Head" by Mo Willems.  

We could read this book repeatedly to O, for an entire day, and the second we'd close the book, he'd request it again.  I, personally, think its a great book for children with developmental delays or concentration issues.  There aren't a lot of words on each page, and the story is more about the images accompanying the text.  O can page through it and practically 'read' it to himself based on what is on each page.  I think that boosts his confidence quite a bit!

And, in seeking out an image of the cover, I discovered that this is one in a series of Elephant and Piggie stories!  We are going to have to see if the library has any more from the series for us to borrow!

His other favorites are called "I Want My Hat Back" and "This is Not My Hat" by Jon Klassen. 

I'm still not sure what the fascination is with head pieces and this kid, but these three books are his absolute favorite in the world.  Does your child have an absolute favorite "theme" in his or her books?

ETA: I've been thinking about what these books have in common (other than a fascination with things on heads…), and the stories are all written in conversation form - they aren't stories about characters, they are characters having conversations with one another.  So maybe that's the key to O's reading preferences!

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