Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alphabet Series - Tracing Oversized Letters

Over the past several months, I've tried working with O on tracing his letters.  I bought one of those little books with the dotted-line letters for O to practice with.  But every time we sat down to trace them, he wasn't able to do it.  He either wasn't interested, just wanted to color on the page, or physically couldn't fulfill my request to trace the lines.  He could do it hand-over-hand (with my hand guiding his), but he just couldn't independently do it.

When we began the Alphabet Series at the beginning of last week, I drew a giant A on our easel.  I gave him markers, and expected him, if anything, to just want to color it in.  To my surprise, though, he first traced the A!…before going completely crazy on it - so I didn't get a picture.  But I have a picture of the aftermath; you can clearly see his tracing in orange!

So I determined that it wasn't the tracing of a letter that he was struggling with in the workbooks - it was the size of the letter I was having him trace.  His fine motor skills aren't advanced enough to trace the smaller letters!  Now I know!

Once again, this week, I put up a big B on the easel in the living room and let the boys go crazy on it.  And, once again, O traced the B - very carefully - I was so proud!…of course he chose to trace in yellow! Practically invisible to the camera!…and then immediately went crazy with the markers again.

Going Crazy!!

But I just wanted to share our little experience with learning to trace the letters.  If your young child is struggling with tracing the letters on small scale, try oversizing the letters for them - it could be the only necessary difference you need to make!

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