Tuesday, January 29, 2013

B is for Books - "Whoo's There?"

Last night my husband read "Whoo's There" to O (X was in there, too).  Thankfully we didn't read it at bedtime, because it turned in to quite the production!  

*We've had this book for a while, but hadn't even opened it, yet.  Each page has a transparent section cut in to it that has a black image on the transparency.  When you shine a flashlight through it, the picture that goes with that page of story shines on to whatever surface you point it to.  It's pretty neat!* 

It began with my husband pulling out the flash light - which is ALWAYS a huge hit in this house. We went in to O's room and turned out the lights.  In an attempt to get O interested in the book in the first place, my husband shone the light through one of the pages, and showed him the image it made on the ceiling.

That earned immediate interest! My husband continued reading the story to a very intrigued little boy. And on every page, O would watch my husband read the page, and then look up to the image and excited exclaim "look! look!" He and my husband would then discuss what they saw in the image projected on to the ceiling.

O then requested that the image be projected on the the wall.  This immediately led to the discovery of his own shadow.  We had a great discussion about how shadows work; O did a really fantastic job exploring his own shadow, and making shapes on the wall with his hands.

Then daddy introduced him to shadow puppets.  

Mind. Blown.

O decided that this was him being a "shadow monster":

This book ended up providing us with a really fantastic conversation and a great little family experience.  We're now talking about how we can make our own shadow book, because O enjoyed it so very much! (Stay tuned for a potential tutorial on that!)  I'd recommend a shadow book to anyone, now.  O stayed really engaged in the story, loved discussing the images he saw in the projection, and got the opportunity to discover a whole new concept.

(Oh, and please excuse the sheep costume :)  O occasionally requests to be dressed up in his halloween costume from last year, which was Shaun the Sheep.)

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