Sunday, January 27, 2013

B is for Books

This week we've dedicated to the letter B and Books.

Just like last week, we're saturating our living space with the letter B: I've drawn a large letter B on some oversized paper and put it up on our easel in the living room for the kids to color in.  I've cut out a letter "B" from cardboard, again for the boys to color and trace.  And, a new addition to our attempt at saturation: we've used window markers to put the letter "B" on the glass portion of our banister and on our big bay window.

In this week's "Alphabasket" we have, of course, a LOT of books! I wanted to stretch the theme a little bit, so I went around our bookcases and sought out books that were a little more unique than our typical board books - books that could offer more than just a simple reading, books that maybe invited introductions to more complicated concepts.

A sampling of our alphabasket this week:
Children's books based on popular, classic adult favorites:
Romeo & Juliet
Pride & Prejudice
Alice in Wonderland
Jane Eyre

  Books associated with songs

Pop-up books

Alphabet tracing book

A "Scanimation" book

A shadow Book

We also have a few books about our home town and state

We'll also be attempting to make a few books of our own!

The biggest activity for this week is going to be our field trip to our local library to get our very first library card!  (Yes, I know, "you have two small children and don't have a library card!?"  Well, my children have a penchant for destroying property that isn't theres….well, and their own property…so we'll see how this goes…

Hope you join us for this week's activities!

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