Sunday, January 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Photography Idea

Last year, we started - what we hope to be - a yearly Valentine's Day tradition.  My husband and I hope to get pictures of the boys every valentine's day with the letters "I" "{heart}" and "U."  We put these together in a photo collage side by side. Last year, it took three tries, over three days, to get all of the pictures we wanted.  And, given I decided to attempt this the day before Valentine's Day last year…yea, I didn't get the Valentine's out in time…not even close!  But the final product was so worth all of our time and effort!

With some very cute outtakes :) (My two favorite below…)

This year, we are attempting the same thing, but we've wised up a bit.  Its a full month before Valentine's Day and we've done our first shoot!  I won't share the final products until closer to Valentine's Day, but I'm hoping the above images give you some inspiration to make some super cute, very personalized Valentines for friends and family!

*The online program I used last year to make these collages no longer exists…these days I go with  You can create collages with your photos without creating an account or saving the images to the internet…it's great!  On the home page, choose the "create a collage" tab at the top.  Upload your photos, then use the "ducks in a row" setting to put three pictures of equal sizes next to one another.  You can round the corners by going to the painter's palette image on the left, and moving the "corner rounding" slider to a greater percentage.*

Happy Photoging!

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