Monday, February 11, 2013

Alphabet Series - The Big Alphabet Picture

Yesterday, at brunch with my parents, we were discussing our alphabet series, and how we have been working to saturate our space with the letter of the week.

My dad brought up a fabulous point during our discussion: not only was it important for O to learn each letter independently, it was also important for him to see it as part of the alphabet, as a whole.

My dad shared that when he was younger, he struggled to understand parts of concepts on a micro level, unless he got to see the macro, big picture.

Because O seems to have a lot of learning traits that my dad exhibited as a child, we thought we should take this idea in to consideration.

My husband and I decided that we should display the alphabet somewhere in our living room, as reference, for when we are learning an individual letter - we can point up to the letter in the alphabet, and talk about the letters around it.

Here's what we came up with:
Of course, this puts an end to our physical flash carding days (sad face) until we get another oversized alphabet set, but we feel as though this visual reference is more important at this point.

The boys have already noticed the new addition to the living room, and I frequently find them staring up at it.  O will point and name each letter as he goes, and X (being only 20 months) will just point up to the letters and look back and forth.

I think this will be a great addition to our saturation attempts.  It's also great for a new game of letter seeking: we ask O where a certain letter is and he seeks it out from on the wall.  I think he will begin to get used to where the letters are, and will have an easier and easier time finding where each letter is.

Just another step towards total alphabet saturation in this house!

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