Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Alphabet Series - Saturating Your Space with the Letter of the Week

Every week, I tell you how we saturate our space with the letter of the week, but I wanted to really show you how prevalent we make each letter for O to see.

Every week, as I've told you, I write the letter on the big art easel that we put in the living room.
We put this easel in the living room for the express purpose of displaying the letters.  Every day, I bring out the markers for 15 or 20 minutes at a time for the boys to color on the letter - and to see if O has interest in tracing the letter.

I've also begun writing the big and little version of the letter on our big, bay window:
(Just to show how visual and obvious the letters written on the window are)

 And to show how big I draw them:
Again, every day I bring out the window markers for the boys to draw on the window - in hopes that they will find interest in specifically coloring in the letters.

In addition to saturating our space on a larger scale, I frequently bring out our white board, for O to learn to trace the letters on. 

O is actually doing REALLY well with tracing on this "medium sized" scale - I think its the first step in developing the fine motor skills to trace the letters on even smaller scales.

Every week, I cut the letter out of a piece of cardboard - usually from one of our cereal boxes:

Just like with the easel, the window, and the white board, I bring out the markers and crayons for a little while each day, in hopes that O will want to color in the letter.  Just the mere exposure to the shape is beneficial, in my opinion.  So far, X has had more interest than O in coloring in the letter, and I'm fine with that - the exposure is good for X, too!

I try to put a lot of emphasis on the letter throughout the week (clearly!), while we also work on the concept associated with that letter.  Getting O interested in the letters, thus far, has been easier than I thought.  Then again, with the amount of saturation I do in our space, I probably shouldn't be too surprised!

I hope you've gotten a few ideas on how to saturate your space with the letters for your kiddos!  What else do you do to expose your children to the letters of the alphabet?

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