Saturday, February 2, 2013

B is for Books - Larry Gets Lost in the Twin Cities Review

I wanted to take a minute and do a little book review on a NEW favorite book!  That has nothing to do with stuff on anything's head!

I love this book for so many reasons. Primarily, O already liked the story and the images that accompanied the pages from previous readings; second it's easy for him to follow along - even if he just looks at the pictures on each page; and third, it is about our home town - which I think is great for getting him familiar with our own cities!

Tonight, after I turned off the TV earlier than usual, O actually REQUESTED "Larry" - which refers to "Larry Gets Lost in the Twin Cities."  He's never requested a book before!  I think book week is starting to get him more in to reading! yay!

As I read the book, Orion was completely engaged - which is really unusual for him.  He was very in-to talking about what was happening on each page.

When I finished ready, he grabbed the book and said "ok, Orion's turn."  He took the book from me and began "reading" it himself!  

He has never ever done that with a book before.  It was genuinely a pleasure to watch.  (I didn't interfere at all - I just let him do his own thing.

I sat next to him and listened to him describe each page; he talked about the illustrations on each page, and sought out Larry the dog - whom is always somewhere on each page.

Another great thing about this book is that it is a series! With its own "Larry Gets Lost" website!  Larry gets lost all over the United States: Seattle, New York City, Chicago, Alaska.  This series would be great to teach children about landmarks in a variety of different states!

This is just my take on the book, but I think its a fantastic way to get young kids more acquainted with their own home towns - and the fact that it is a series in which children can learn about lots of cities makes it even more enjoyable and worth the read, in my eyes!

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