Friday, February 1, 2013

B is for Books - Making Our Own Alphabet Book!

So, this entry comes with an important discovery….O is not in to arts and crafts.  In most any way.  So, all of these art and craft ideas I had for us to do in the next 25 weeks….likely won't go over well with my wee one.

This was all discovered when we started trying to make our own alphabet book.  I bought stickers, brought out the markers, and put the blank book in front of him, and told O that he could do whatever he wanted with the alphabet stickers and markers.  

We started out with a pretty good conversation about the letters on the sticker sheet.  He'd point to the letter and then hand me the sheet to get the sticker out for him.  He'd put it on his shirt for a second, then on the back of his hand - all the while talking about the letter and that it had "cocoduts"…which is apparently toddler speak for "polkadots."  I would then prompt him to put the sticker on to the book, and he would do it.  

After a few stickers, he pulled out the yellow marker and went to town over the letters.  I think he liked the texture difference as he went over the raised stickers on the page.

We worked on the cover for about ten minutes.  But then he lost all interest. Completely. Totally. Uninterested.

I tried to redirect him towards the activity, but he just was no longer interested.  We tried on multiple occasions to sit down and do this activity, but O would have none of it.  He didn't want to play with the stickers, he didn't want to color.  The activity was just over.

So, for now, we have the cover of our alphabet book.  Over the next several weeks we might try to work on individual pages to see if I can slowly get him to fill up the pages.  We'll see.

At least the cover is cute :)

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