Thursday, February 7, 2013

C is for Color - Snow Coloring Turned Bath Coloring!

Today I took O outside to use our color-filled spray bottles on the blank canvas that is snow!

For this activity we used: 
*Dollar store spray bottles (or maybe target dollar section..?)
*Washable children's paint

I had the bottles pre-mixed from a summer activity that involved using the spray bottles to paint canvas - hence the use of children's paint instead of food coloring or another method.  I will say, food coloring, in my experience, does stain clothes and certain surfaces. So, if we do this activity again in the future, I'll probably still use children's washable paint mixed with the water….it only takes a small amount of paint to get a pretty rich color in the water.

Once I pulled out the bottles, O got pretty excited.  He LOVES using his spray bottle in the bath tub during bath time.  He saw that I had several bottles and I think his little mind was completely blown. 

We got all suited up -snow pants, boots, the whole nine yards - and went outside.  I set up the bottles in a row, so O could identify each color, and easily chose which one he wanted to spray with.  He chose orange.  We started playing...
and…even though O was clearly having a great time:
…We discovered the hard way that it was 2 degrees with wind at 20 miles per hour………mommy should have checked the weather before we bundled up! (look at that face…trying so hard to stick it out!)  Even as I was telling O that we had to go inside because he was shivering like crazy, he kept saying "no, colors!"

I didn't want to disappoint the poor guy…who had suited up so diligently and nicely to play with the color spray bottles.  

So we moved our little activity to the bath tub!
Again, I lined up the bottles on the ledge so O could reach them.  We filled the tub with water and BUBBLES!  (What better indoor substitute for snow…than bubbles!?)

O took his time deciding which color to use, and labeled them as he pointed to the various bottles:

O explored with spraying the walls of the tub….

and then spraying his hands!
(he would spray it then immediately rinse it off.  But it was a GREAT sensory activity for him.  I was proud that he even considered doing it!) 

In retrospect, I'm glad that we moved in to the bath tub.  Because of O's sensory issues, he usually hates bubbles.  But he was so excited about the spray bottles and seeing the colors, that he tolerated the bubbles really well.  He would frequently kick the water to move the bubbles away, or rinse himself off in the running water, but nonetheless he was IN the tub WITH bubbles.  A nice little milestone for my boy.

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