Tuesday, February 5, 2013

C is for Colors - Dry Erase Markes & Board

Today O got to play with the very special Crayola Dry Erase Markers and Board!  I keep them up out of the kids' reach, because they've developed a skill of finding the markers, taking the caps off of all of them, and then drawing on everything…their toys, the couch, each other…So the markers stay out of reach until they earn the use of them as a special treat.

But, I decided to allow the children to play with them more liberally this week, in an effort to expose them to all of the colors available to play with.

In this particular session, we used a small dry erase board that I got from the Lakeshore Learning Store.

I originally intended to write a big and little C on it, but O requested that I draw a big and little B instead…I guess he's still stuck on last weeks lessons :)

Rather than trace the B's however, he just wanted to color along the dotted lines…I should have drawn the B on the other side (which is blank)!

Eventually, O flipped over the board and requested that I draw a big and little C.  And the very first thing he did was trace both!  I was so proud of him, and praised him greatly for tracing so nicely and without being asked to do so.

After tracing however, we were back to scribbling.
I was fine with the scribbling because it still allowed us to talk about the colors he was using. He correctly identified every color that he used in this particular session - including identifying light blue as blue, and lime green as green.

I love using open-ended activities such as this to allow my son to be creative and explore.  O isn't very much in to art - he hates painting, isn't interested in coloring on paper, and doesn't like doing projects that require concentration.  I had to think outside of the box to get him interested in working with different colors, and using "special markers" on a "special surface" really interested him.

What kind of unique ways do you use to get your child more involved in activities that they would otherwise resist?

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