Monday, February 4, 2013

C is for Colors - Shape & Color Stacking Puzzle

I know this isn't something that would traditionally warrant an entire blog post devoted to it, but I wanted to share a unique way we play with puzzles like this during our theme weeks.

To get O interested, I just dumped all of the puzzle pieces on the floor.  He immediately came over from watching Wonderpets.  He took his time and figured out which pegs each shape fit on to.    As you can see in the middle picture above, some of the shapes didn't necessarily get on to the right set of pegs the first time around :)  But we worked on it together, and he figured out where all of the pieces were supposed to go.

After a few times of dumping the puzzle on the floor and letting him practice putting each of the shapes on the right set of pegs, I took all of the shapes and spread them out on the floor:
I then asked O for specific shapes in a specific color.  I had to use my hand to block him from going in to his **"O zone"** and just doing the puzzle without letting me talk to him or interact with him.  So, I would occasionally cover all of the pieces and attempt to make eye contact with O, while asking him to give me, say, the yellow square.  

O did spectacularly with this activity.  It was a new way for us to play with the puzzle, and I think we will do it frequently this week.  O seems to be confusing blue and yellow in the puzzle - this isn't the first time he's confused yellow and blue, so we'll have to work hard on those two this week!

Hopefully this little post can give you a few ideas on how to play with your old puzzles in a new, unique fashion!

**(When I refer to the "O zone," I'm talking about when O "zones out" and just mindlessly does an activity without allowing for interaction with anyone…I may refer to it often, as O does frequently go in to his own world and can be hard to pull out to interact with during activities.)

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