Sunday, February 3, 2013

C is for Colors

This week is our third in our 26 Week Toddler Alphabet Series!  That means we're on C!  And C is for Colors!

My son has learned most of his basic colors, but lately he's been confusing colors that are somewhat close to one another - such as a dark purple and blue.  I think its just because we haven't really explored colors very deeply, so this week will be very good for him in re-capping his basic colors, and hopefully learn to differentiate between colors that fall close to one another on the spectrum.

As with the previous two weeks, I have saturated our living space with the letter C. 
For reference, this is our main living space - the huge bay window is great for writing oversized letters…and it all comes off with just a few spritz of glass cleaner!

We used Crayola Window Markers to draw a big and little C on our bay window

An oversized C on the easel in the living room

In this week's "Alphabasket" we have a great variety of activities!

Of course, we have a few obligatory color-related books.  Our favorite color books are Pantone by Helen Dardik (illustrator) and Freight Train by Donald Crews.

We have a great magnetic puzzle from Lakeshore Learning

We have a shape sorting puzzle with the primary colors that will be great for combining color and shape recognition together.

And, of course, we have LOTS of markers for lots of coloring!  Dry erase markers (and dry erase board), window markers, regular markers! Markers markers markers!

We also have our washable Crayola kids paints in the basket this week - we have a very fun activity to teach O about mixing his colors and seeing what happens when two colors combine!

And finally, we will also be DYING some rice for our sensory bin! This will give us a great opportunity to talk about the colors we chose to use for our bin

Hope you put together a good kit for working with your little ones on colors this week!

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