Sunday, February 10, 2013

D is for Dinosaurs

This week is all about the letter D, and D is for Dinosaurs!

Our "alphabasket" has a LOT of variety this week!

More-so than any previous week we have lots of BOOKS!
And why is that, you ask? We only had two books in the house about dinosaurs - the Dinosaur Alphabet, and the Kid's First Dinosaur Encyclopedia.  So we used our brand-spanking-new library card to take out a few additional books on dinosaurs!

We also have a Magic Paint Poster book.
It is technically "monster" themed, but there are several pages of dinosaurs!

We have a Micro Terrarium of a prehistoric Fern for us to plant in its egg. (this will also be a nice little lead in to next week's theme of "earth"!)

We have some model magic to make our own dinosaur bones (or whatever shape O ends up making) to later dig out of our sensory bin! 

And, finally, in our Alphabasket, we have a set of stickers to decorate our letter "D" with!

And, as always, we're saturating our space with the letter "D":  We have "big" and "little" D drawn in window markers on our large bay window:
I've also drawn a large capital D for our living room easel; and I've cut a letter D out of cardboard for the boys to play with.

This week, we'll also be going to the Science Museum of Minnesota to see their dinosaur fossil exhibit (and explore their other exhibits)!

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