26 Week Toddler Alphabet Series

Starting this coming week (1/21/2013), Katy and I will be working more intensively on the alphabet and other concepts with our respective children.

We've come up with, what we're calling, a 26 Week Toddler Alphabet Series.  We're considering it, for the most part, as an introduction to the alphabet, each letter, and concepts that can correlate to an individual letter.

For example, during the week of C is for Colors, we'll work on recognizing and tracing the letter C.  At the same time, we'll also spend the week working on recognizing colors.  So, we'll read many books about the colors, and we'll do plenty of arts and crafts that help my son better acquaint himself with colors.

This series isn't meant to be very structured.  It is just meant to introduce our kiddos to the alphabet in a fun, casual manner - rather than trying to drill the alphabet in to their heads by forcing them to memorize flash card after flash card or sticking workbooks in their face! (we do use flash cards, but you'll see later this week that we have a rather unorthodox use for them!)

I encourage anyone reading that has small toddlers at home to consider joining in our 26 week series - or do an alphabet introduction of your own.  Our ideas and activities are quick, easy, and definitely fun for the youngsters!

We'll be starting up tomorrow with "A is for Alphabet," so stay tuned!

Here's our calendar:

A is for Alphabet
A is for Alphabet - Suppliment
A is for Alphabet - Physical Flash Carding
B is for Books
B is for Books - "Whoo's There?"
B is for Books - Tracing Oversized Letters
B is for Books - We Got Our Library Card!
B is for Books - Some of my Son's Favorites!
C - colors 
D - Dinosaurs 
E - Earth 
F - Family 
G - Games 
H - Holidays 
I - Imagination 
J - Jungle 
K - Kindness
L - Love 
M - Museum 
N - Numbers 
O - Ocean 
P - Puzzles 
Q - Quiet 
R - Rocket 
S - Shapes 
T - Trains 
U - USA 
V - Vehicles 
W - Wheels 
X - Xander - his brother 
Y - You 
Z - Zoo 


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